The Mammal Guide Of Southern Africa -

wild ways a field guide to mammal behavior in southern - buy wild ways a field guide to mammal behavior in southern africa on amazon com free shipping on qualified orders, stuarts field guide to mammals of southern africa chris - this is a fully revised edition of the stuart s best selling field guide to southern africa s extraordinary wealth of mammal species from tiny shrews to the iconic big five and including those that live in the sea, small spotted genet africa mammal guide - name small spotted genet also known as common genet genetta genetta appearance the small spotted genet is slightly smaller than the large spotted genet and the markings are more distinct black and white and without a rusty tinge the tail is white tipped as opposed to the black tipped tail of the large spotted genet, kruger national park south african safari and lodging guide - faq on african leopard africa mammals guide information the leopard is a solitary member of the big cats it is often confused with the cheetah but it is easily recognised by its panther like features, list of largest mammals wikipedia - tenrecs and allies afrosoricida the largest of these insectivorous mammals is the giant otter shrew potamogale velox native to central africa this species can weigh up to 1 kilogram 2 2 lb and measure 0 64 metres 2 1 ft in total length, mammal watching forum mammal watching - nils bouillard is living the dream and doing a big mammal year or a big bat year to be precise and plans to visit 30 or so countries to raise awareness about some of the planet s 1400 species of bats, africa facts for kids kids world travel guide online - our africa facts for kids bring you lots of interesting and fun facts on the african continent the african continent is located mainly in the eastern hemisphere and to the major part in the northern hemisphere, protecting marine life noaa fisheries - healthy marine species like whales sea turtles coral and salmon are important for maintaining balanced and thriving ocean ecosystems we work to prevent marine species populations from decline and extinction protect them from human activities and monitor activities that might impact them so they are around for future generations, gray wolf size habitat facts britannica com - gray wolf canis lupus also called timber wolf largest wild member of the dog family it inhabits vast areas of the northern hemisphere between 5 and 24 subspecies of gray wolves are recognized in north america and 7 to 12 are recognized in eurasia with 1 in africa wolves were domesticated several thousand years ago and selective breeding produced dogs, general facts about southern right whales ocean blue - globally there are 3 different species of right whale the north pacific right whale eubalaena japonica north atlantic right whale eubalaena glacialis and the southern right whale eubalaena australis, the honey badger associations - associations i n the southern kalahari alone two mammals and five birds were observed to follow foraging honey badgers with the most common associations between honey badgers and pale chanting goshawks in the kalahari study honey badgers caught more than 80 of their prey through digging and small mammals and small reptiles were the most common prey items caught